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Built with uncompromised data protection.

At Spexia, keeping your data secure is our number one priority.

This is how we do it.

Tool Integration

Always Encrypted

Spexia connects with your favourite applications, pooling all of the data. We ensure data privacy by using this techniques:

  1. Encryption In-Transit

    When fetching data from your tool and saving it to AWS, we employ TSL encryption such that nobody can access it on the move.

  2. Encryption At-Rest

    Within AWS, we utilize AES-256 to keep your data encrypted, ensuring that even AWS cannot access your data.

Data Access

Secure Authentication

Spexia pairs with your existing authentication system, granting access only to those who should have.

  1. SAML Authentication

    Leveraging your company's SAML setup, Spexia enables secure login with your usual company credentials.

  2. Permission-aware

    Spexia maintains tool-specific access rights and ensures that only authorized employees can access the relevant data.

3rd Party

State-of-the-art Tools

Spexia harnesses the power of trusted 3rd Party APIs for optimal performance.

  1. OpenAI - Azure

    OpenAI and Azure store your data for a maximum of 30 days and do not use it to improve their models. Please refer to OpenAI and Azure Policies for detailed information.

  2. Cohere

    Cohere is used to improve Spexia's accuracy. Cohere deletes all data within 30 days and doesn't use it to improve their models. You can find more information about their Security Standards here.

Open Source


For highly sensitive data, we offer to finetune Open Source Models and deploy them to your AWS infrastructure.

  1. AWS

    We personalize and launch company-specific infrastructure within AWS upholding the highest security benchmarks. Review AWS Security and Compliance for more information.

  2. Open Source Models

    Spexia enables you to leverage Open Source Models. This keeps your data stricitly within your AWS environment but comes at the cost of reduced accuracy.

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